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Global Placement Services is recognized for helping individuals discover their careers through professional advancement and career fulfillment. Whether you are beginning your career or have an experienced background, we are here to help you!


We provide job opportunities for many industries and professions. Throughout the year, we host career fairs, seminars, networking events, and career events to build individuals for success. We are not your average placement group. Our leaders and representatives have the experience and the resources to help you further your career.


What makes us different?


You will experience the opportunity to meet leaders in many industries.

You will have the opportunity to advance or change your career.

We provide the resources to build your professional profile and resume.

We provide the resources to enhance your networking and interviewing skills.

We match your skill-sets to qualifying opportunities.


Review Our Job Openings

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Resume help?

Let us help you build a resume to attract employers in your field. Contact a Professional Resume Writer today!

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